Our Environment

Our environment is in trouble. I’m not a global warming alarmist but I do strongly advocate for
our environment and believe that we need to explore better technologies to reduce emissions
and technologies that capture emissions. These technologies can be fostered in California.

Growing up in NorCal we had forest fires, that is not new. Mega fires year after year is not
normal, we all know this. Democratic leaders have mismanaged our forests for far too long.
California used to be a timber leader, but the timber industry has been totally decimated by
their policies. This has led to a stockpile of flammable timber that explodes almost every year.
This cannot be accepted as the new normal.

We need better Federal Forest management. We need a better federal response to our fires to fight them early before they devour our precious resources. Watching millions of acres of forest go up in flames every year diminishes our forests power to capture carbon as well as contributes carbon dioxide and water vapor to our atmosphere. This cycle must end.