COVID 19 Crisis

The Biden administration has FAILED to protect our health. Biden told us he would “stop the
virus” and under his watch Covid has exploded. As a physician I never wanted this pandemic to
be used by either political party.
The democratic party has used the pandemic to bully our citizens into shutting down our schools, our businesses and our medical choices.
I believe the vaccine has value to fight the pandemic, but I don’t believe it is the only solution. Children should not be forced to wear masks that don’t work. No one should be forced to be vaccinated, and most of all no one should be shunned if they are not vaccinated.
Operation Warp Speed was a success, but we have other modalities outside of vaccines.
We should be making available all options including antiviral oral medications once proven effective, as well as monoclonal antibodies. Our children should NOT be forced to be vaccinated!
We need a healthcare system that protects our vulnerable citizens, promotes health and well-being, and allows our population to make sound individual choices for their own prosperity and